What is Drayage? Transport One has the answer and the solutions

What is drayage? The dictionary definition of the word drayage is the “act of transporting goods over a short distance.” Within the context of the shipping industry, drayage refers more specifically to the intermodal transport of large and overweight containers, typically from port to port, or from a port to a rail yard for additional transportation.

For the industry experts at Transport One, Inc., the answer to the question “What is Drayage?” centers around the professional, legal and prompt delivery of your overweight containers throughout Illinois and the surrounding Midwest states. It means that you will get the peace of mind in knowing that your drayage is being handled by trained and experienced drivers utilizing state, county and local overweight permits.

What is Drayage? Transport One Overweight Container Delivery

Drayage is a term that people outside the shipping industry may never have heard before. Any business with warehousing components understands the importance of smooth, fast and legal transportation of containerized cargo to keep their workflow process moving.

The substantial fleet of trucks, drivers and support staff at Transport One, Inc., expertly provides a wide range of industries in the Chicago area with unsurpassed experience and professionalism in bringing quality freight management solutions to your rail-based shipment needs. Transport One uses cutting-edge technology solutions to provide real time delivery information to you about your drayage order.

What is Drayage? Containerized Cargo Shipment

What is Drayage? For the industry experts at Transport One, Inc., drayage means a private chassis fleet consisting of:

  • Tri-axle chassis
  • Spread-axle chassis
  • Ultralight chassis for overweight containers
  • 8-pin chassis for movement of two empty 20-foot containers
  • 53-foot Vans

The business model at Transport One was formed from the needs of its partners for an intermodal drayage company that would meet the needs of their own warehouse. Our firsthand experience, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to operate multiple warehouse facility gives us a major advantage in providing you quality drayage services that you require for your businesses. You can rely on Transport One, Inc., to help efficiently manage your warehouse or plant workflow.

Located in the heart of the southern Chicago rail logistics area, Transport One, Inc., is a local and regional trucking company that generally operate within a 300-mile radius of Chicago.

What is Drayage? Professional Container Delivery

Industry experts with over 30 years of experience, Transport One, Inc., will help define for you what is drayage with a wide range of professional and prompt container delivery services, including:

  • Day-cab tractors
  • Online POD retrieval
  • Overweight container delivery
  • Pre-pull services
  • Secure trailer storage yard, lighted and secured by CCTV
  • Trans-loading and Warehousing
  • Website shipment tracking

Call 815-476-9710 today to learn that Transport One, Inc., has the answers to the question of what is drayage, and the solutions to your rail-based shipment needs. Or click here and fill out our contact form to receive a quote.

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