Thank you for choosing Transport One!

There is some information that we need from you before we can process your delivery order. We need to get your company’s information, and you would like to pay for our services.

We offer several options to pay for our services:

  • Overnight check (Provide a copy of the check and overnight traceable waybill)
  • Wire Transfer (Bank information is available upon request,)
  • Request to establish credit based on information provided in the credit application. ($60 one-time charge, refunded after we complete $2500 in gross sales with your company.) *

* Listing your companies DUNS number expedites processing (Usually within 24 hours) * Approval of credit without a DUNS Number is dependent on the response time of your provided references. Transport One charges $60.00 because that is what it costs to run a DUNS and/or credit references through our credit reporting agency. If we discounted $60.00 on just one delivery, we would likely be at a deficit on your single delivery before we even got started. If the fee is unacceptable, please choose another payment option.

We are certain that we will provide a level of service that will facilitate a long term relationship with your company and Transport One.

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